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Antonella Rupp and her team accompany their clients in all questions and solutions from the first ideas, visions and wishes through the planning all the way to the turnkey handover.

In order to find perfect materials for her projects, the architect has developed and maintains a network of the most exclusive suppliers of stone, marble, precious woods, fabrics, metal, etc.. Antonella Rupp takes her clients along on trips to the producers in order to select materials,  and through the direct contact with these, brings them closer to the  richness and fullness of this world.

Perfect craftsmanship and formal and technical solutions developed specifically on an individual basis are made possible only by her long standing and successful collaboration with the best artisans of their respective crafts – be it metal, mosaic, stone, wood or fabric. Perfectionism down to the finest detail is, so to speak, the trademark of Antonella Rupp´s buildings. It can be taken for granted and determines the buildings´ timeless quality, their natural elegance and their presence.

Antonella Rupp was born in Bellano on Lake Como. She studied architecture at the University of Milan. After several years working in Italy – where, besides new buildings, her focal point was the revitalization of old buildings –she moved in 1995 to Bregenz on Lake Constance where her architectural office is located.

Antonella Rupp´s architecture combines the forms of classicism and modernism into a timeless and unique style. She reveals her Italian roots through the natural elegance in the spaciousness of her rooms and proportions. Perfect selection of materials and craftsmanship are a matter of course.

Antonella Rupp accompanies her discerning clients from the first ideas, visions, and wishes through planning, building and interior finish, all the way to the turnkey handover. From the foundation to the soap dish.

Besides numerous new constructions, Antonella Rupp has realized projects in historical buildings. She succeeds in maintaining the authenticity of the substance while at the same time creating modern comfort and functionality.

She, together with her team and a network of professionals, supervises the entire construction process. She thus ensures the technical realization as well as adherence to the time plan and budget.

An exclusive network of leading designers, suppliers, and artists allows Antonella Rupp to combine objects in always new ways in order to create an unmistakable and individual ambience for her clients without repeating herself.

The careful choice of materials and the workmanship at the hands of excellent craftsmen characterize Antonella Rupp´s compelling architectural style. Discrete luxury and timeless elegance.

Antonella Rupp´s focal point is the design of private residences. She has, however, also given new faces to prestigious hotels, restaurants, banks, and shops!

The private residences realized by Antonella Rupp are always closely linked to the lifestyle, culture, and individual requirements of her clients. Her architectural solutions radiate competence and sensitiveness. Her houses epitomize that what “feeling at home” means.

Perfection down to the finest detail is the trademark of Antonella Rupp´s buildings! Their natural elegance and implicit quality make them timeless.


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